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We’re new Fruit IQ, the Organic Fruit Roll! We think fruit the way nature made it is as good as it can get. That’s why our family has been producing Fruit Rolls since 1886.

It all started with our Great-Grandpa George’s love for Amardeen, a traditional dried apricot snack he grew up with in Lebanon. Fast forward several years and a quick trip across the Atlantic Ocean, George and his son Joseph opened a storefront in New York City. Shortly after, the family perfected the recipe and the original individually wrapped Fruit Roll was born.

Four generations later, keeping the spirit of innovation alive, we’re happy to introduce Fruit IQ – our newest line of cold-pressed, USDA Certified Organic Fruit Rolls. 

Tangy Cranberry. Sour Plum. Intense Apricot. Tart Cherry. Each guilt-free flavor is dried, mixed, and cold-pressed before it’s individually hand-rolled. No artificial anything, just the good stuff. 

Consider Fruit IQ Organic Fruit Rolls your go-to healthy snacks for kids or the perfect pick-me-up after a workout class. Unlike the other “healthy” organic snack brands that still use starches and thickeners in their fruit products, we use simple ingredients. What’s our secret? USDA Certified Organic dried fruit and apple fiber, which keeps our Fruit Rolls perfectly peelable.                      

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